All of our Frame Tents are made in the US with flame resistant materials.  The clear span style of a frame tent allows the entire area under the tent to be open and free of any obstructions or center pole supports.  Try one of our many sizes for your next event.

Our frame tent sizes range from 12′ wide to 30′ wide and come in numorous different configurations. Let our staff create the custom configuration for your next event today!

We also offer 9′ wide marquee style tents that can help connect different areas or create a walking path. Our marquee style tents can be expanded by 10′ sections for accommodate your needs.


NEW 30’ F3 Gable End Tent

The F3 Frame Tent is the newest and most innovative frame system to hit the market in years. It’s clear span interior and smooth aesthetic lines create a beautiful setting for any event. The Gable End is a unique look compared with most frame tents and with clear or white gable options it really sets it apart from the rest. The attractive vinyl material slides into tracks built into the frame creating a much tighter and cleaner appearance. Wind rated to over 50 mph this tent is as strong as it is beautiful.

NEW 40’ wide Future Trac Frame System

Description: The 40’ Future Trac frame system is an eye catcher to say the least. This strong yet aesthetically pleasing frame system creates a full 40’ wide of open space with no interior obstructions. With both gable and hip ended options available it can be set up in numerous styles and sizes. The clean lines of this tent will impress your guests and ensure your event will be the talk of the town. Because it’s a frame system this 40’ wide tent can fit in tighter spaces then the 40’ pole tents. Wind rated and engineered for strength.



NEW 30′ and 40′ wide CLEAR TOP Frame Tents!

Our clear top tents are a great option for a cocktail hour, special event or backyard party. Offering a full view of fall foliage or a starry sky these tents can bring your event to the next level. Available in 30X30 and 40X40.